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The loss of a loved one is very painful. After such a loss, you’ll feel a variety of emotions - shock, anger, sadness, guilt, fear. At times these feelings can be overwhelming and frightening. These are all normal reactions to grief. It often helps a little just to understand that what you’re feeling is a part of the grieving process. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, just remember you will get through this. Accepting your feelings as a part of the process and allowing yourself to feel the pain is the best way to heal and necessary to move on. Grief counseling or support groups can be very helpful. Grief counseling may be useful during any major life change that triggers feelings of loss, not just death of a loved one, but divorce, loss of a home, etc. Counseling involves helping people move through normal grief to healing and resolution. Grief therapy is a kind of psychotherapy used to treat severe or complicated traumatic grief. Support groups, on the other hand, provide information and support for those experiencing loss and healing. Members provide each other with various types of support, for a particular shared experience, such as the death of a loved one or divorce.

Below is a recommended reading list that may help a person suffering the loss of a loved one.

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